Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Language: A Human Right

Language is defining.  Being some where and everyone is speaking and you are unable to join in, puts you at a disadvantage. If you were in a foreign county and conversations were flying by your head, you would possibly feel isolated.  How about if you were in an environment and everyone was conversing and you understood what was being said but simply could not express your thoughts, your wants, and your basic needs.  Imagine how frustrating that would be.  For so many individuals with speech challenges, that is exactly what they face everyday.  For the friends and families of these folks, it is just as difficult.

GraceSigns is committed to opening up a very viable communication option for kids and adults. How? By making sign language fun and easy to learn.  And also by showcasing sign language as not a stigma, but as an awesome communication tool.  

Access to language is a human right.

When you learn sign language, you are learning a new language for not only yourself but for those around you.  Even cats have learned sign language. Really! Watch this amazing video:

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