Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alligator in Sign Language

Who would think that an alligator could be fun?  In sign language it is.  Grace teaches us the sign for alligator.  Animal signs are actually fairly simple and easy to remember.  Kids love learning them and then signing them.  To sign Alligator, clamp your hands together, one on top of each other like the jaws of an alligator opening and closing.  Sign language is intuitive, for instance, to sign dog, you snap your fingers and pat your thigh (as if you were calling a dog to you. ) GraceSigns will be releasing a new app: Sign Me A Song in about a month.  It will be an easy way for kids and adults to learn the signs for the alphabet and the animals of the alphabet in an musical interactive format.   GraceSigns wants to make signing fun and memorable, we also like having all kinds of kids as our signing demonstrators.  Hope you enjoy learning with us.

By Valerie Carter

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