Saturday, December 23, 2017

Santa and Signs of the Holidays

Santa and Signs of the Holidays 

When December rolls around, so do the Signs of good things to come.  Signs of Joy can be seen and heard and felt in the air.  Signs are not always written, nor are they said aloud.  We see and feel the signs of love and happiness and we know it is that time of year.  When children are smiling, that is a sign. When people are tired, we can see signs of that too. At this time, there are signs everywhere - homes, businesses and even people are sparkling with red, green, glitter and gold.  Holiday music plays as lights dance and dazzle around us. There is a also a sweetness that permeates our senses - chocolate, baking and all things yummy.  The holidays have us using all of our senses!

With Sign Language, we use all our senses (except hearing) to read the other person; we watch their hands. We study their facial expression, their posture and their energy. When someone signs “I am Happy”- they show you with their whole being!

We at GraceSigns were honored to demonstrate Signs of Love and Joy by hosting a holiday party for children with special needs and their family. Happy Signing to all of you and Happy New Year from GraceSigns!

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