Monday, February 13, 2017



by Laura O'Grady

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it puts the concept of “love” in the forefront of our minds. It is a time to consider the different types of love we have and share with others; love for a parent, child, spouse, pet, sibling, cousin, friend, etc. These different types of love are all uniquely different and equally as powerful.

Just as there are many different kids of love, there are even more ways to show love. Children have their Valentine’s parties at school, and teens and adults go on their date nights. Parents give their children chocolates and children give their parents cards. Spouses give each other flowers and take time out of heir busy lives to say “I Love You!” It’s a small holiday that reminds everyone of all the love that there is in the world.
Many of us want to hear the traditional, “I Love You," but for some, speaking those words is a challenge. Fortunately, there are infinite ways to say and show love, we just have to look for them. We can use sign language (pictured above) to show love, or the pop culture gesture of cupping your two hands together in a heart shape. For some, showing love is moving close to another or leaning their head on someone’s shoulder, touching someone’s arm, or making extended eye contact. Children might show love by sharing a preferred toy, or giving away artwork. A simple smile, a kiss on the cheek, a touch on the arm that is not part of the usual routine, are all expressions of love. These are all ways to show that we care, and ways to know that we are loved. This month, take some time to notice the non-verbal actions you give and receive from others. You will likely be impressed with the love that is given and received every day!

Our guest blogger is Laura O’Grady, a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist in California.

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