Sunday, March 5, 2017


By Kyle De Longh

There are so many different ways that people communicate.  Some people use a mix of ways.  It's not all using words. My girlfriend Jennifer has Cerebral Palsy and she will use hand motions and sounds to communicate with me and with others. She also lets me know how happy she is with her great smile.

In my job, I work with people who have special needs and I have learned that there are so many to different forms of communication besides just using your words. We all use body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures (including sign language) every day.  You might see someone stomping their feet, with an angry face or maybe even with their arms swinging and know right away that they are mad without them telling you so. Moods, needs and wants can all be expressed without words.

Next time you are communicating with someone don't just use your ears, use your eyes as well. We may not all communicate the same way, but we all want to be understood.

Our Guest Blogger Kyle De Longh is a student and employee at the College of Marin In northern California.  Besides being a sports enthusiast, he is also a volunteer for various disability organizations.

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